2LAB is a womb in which ideas take shape, a meeting place for different existences and realities, a matrix of stories that want to be told.


is a sharing container, born in 2013 from an idea of ​​Carmelo and Mattia Stompo. The project pays particular attention to the photographic language: laboratories, talks, exhibitions and workshops, paying particular attention to emerging photographers.



Carmelo Stompo

Photographer and Photoeditor

Carmelo is an Italian based documentary photographer, dealing with photography since the early 90’s when he opened a photography lab in Enna, his hometown in Sicily. He now lives in Catania and, together with his son Mattia, is running 2LAB, a cultural association and art gallery in the earth of the city. He’s part of SEETHING, a Sicilian photography collective dealing with social issues. He uses the medium to tell the truth about a lot of taboos floating around the island; immigration, desertification, Pasquasia – the most debated mine in Europe. Carmelo is a good listener and you can see that in his pictures. He observes and captures places and people in which he can recognise himself.


Mattia Stompo

Photographer and Curator

Born in 1993 in Sicily. I spent my academic years between Milan and London. I'm photography obsessed, neat frek, and lover of basketball whth eith years of experience in studios, photography and events. I co-founded 2LAB, where I curate all the shows. I'm a diehard for meaningful conversations and 'AH-HA' moments. Right now, I live in London and I work for TCO, a very creative agency.