2LAB is a womb in which ideas take shape, a meeting place for different existences and realities, a matrix of stories that want to be told.


is a sharing container, born in 2013 from an idea of ​​Carmelo and Mattia Stompo. The project pays particular attention to the photographic language: laboratories, talks, exhibitions and workshops, paying particular attention to emerging photographers.



Carmelo Stompo


Photographer, Sicilian, I live and work in Catania. I have been dedicating myself to photography for over 30 years making it a tool to tell stories, a "humble" and "violent" photography that not only documents but observes and strikes. I listen, observe, take photographs that can become frescoes in which to recognize myself. No matter where the stories take place, far in the world or close to home, what matters is to tell them with strength and honesty. My photography, documentary, explores places and people of this time focusing above all on social issues. I think that a story does not have to be truth, but it is essential that it is relevant, it must embrace the emotional perimeter, get into the clothes of others and bring out the emotions just as it is absolutely necessary to have the courage to take a position towards the "world ". Recent projects on the migration crisis, desertification, Pasquasia - a much discussed mine. Since 2014 I have been working on a cultural project that revolves around photography, 2LAB.


Mattia Stompo

Photographer and Curator

Nato in Sicilia, sotto un vulcano, nel 1993. Ha trascorso i suoi anni accademici tra Milano e Londra, dove vive tuttora. E' una persona dinamica e versatile, sempre pronta a trovare soluzioni creative, dopo sette anni di esperienza nel settore. E' concentrato sul suo percorso creativo con una forte passione per le arti visive e i nuovi media. E' il curatore di 2LAB e di 71a London.